Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thanks to Obamacare I Can Keep My Lexus

This is Retta Riordan, an "Obamacare Success Story" according to the headline. Apparently Ms. Riordan has a preexisting condition (dodgy knee) which precludes her purchasing health insurance on the open market (is there a health insurance open market?). So the Affordable Care Act stepped in to save the day. Thank you President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic Party establishment who are constantly vigilant in their protection of the disadvantaged.
Oh, but what's this? Retta IS the Democratic Party establishment. What's that about? Well heck, I guess that's ok, she qualified for the subsidy so at least for the time being thems the rules. What's that? She what? She lives in a 400k+ home? WTF!!? Hmmmmm...wonder what's going on here?


Mudge said...

For anyone who joined the world after 2008, this is what we used to call "journalism." It required a little bit of research and checking of facts (not to be confused with the Progressives' copyrighted "Fact Check" where you dress up liberal bull excrement as facts). You kids out there (and those of you who entered a trance-like mental state when The One appeared on Earth) should take some time to study this, take it in, even touch it on your screens. Experience what we once held as something so important that our Founders protected it as the very first Amendment to the US Constitution. Fortunately, they also backed it right up with another Amendment.

BigFred said...

Do it Mudge. DO IT.

"The Hammer" said...

As it turns out the lady in question is a Georgetown educated "healthcare" attorney who up until 2011 resided in the great State of New Jersey. She sounds like a Chris Christie refugee. But this isn't about her of course. It's about a lazy, compliant media who can't take five minutes to Google this woman. But I tend to think they knew exactly who she is and what she's up to.

Anonymous said...

Apparently this bossy broad and her trick knee are participating in some dodgey finance for her to be eligible for a subsidy.

Just a wild guess mind you.

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