Friday, October 2, 2015

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Awww.....sorry to hear things haven't been going your way. Life can be tough like that. Why not take a few minutes so share with the people that care?

No weigh in today. I've been a little naughty this week.


Beyond Bibb's Store said...

No way the Hoos lose this weekend.

"The Hammer" said...

Howard Dean was on Morning Joe this AM saying the Oregon shooter wasn't motivated by religion, no his problem was he was "crazy". The killer was a recent Muslim convert but religious zealotry played no role in his typically Muslim behavior. Apparently that's only a problem with Christians. According to his logic (bullshit) I guess mental illness is way out of control in the Islamic world. After all just about every other day Iran threatens somebody, so it must be in the water. A recent ABC headline: "Jihadist Killings Equal to a 9/11 Pentagon Attack Every Day for a Month".
The fact is this man and every Democrat (or otherwise) who spreads this lie is a traitor to the truth, a traitor to their country, a traitor to their religious traditions and a traitor to humanity. Howard Dean and all like minded leftists should not have a voice on this subject. They're gonna get us all killed!
Bill Maher, as much as I hate the little prick has the right attitude when it comes to Islam. He pulls no punches, and I admire him for that. I wouldn't trust him but he's right about this and what's particularly interesting is when he calls BS on his fellow libs they either sit there dumbfounded or he cuts them up. I love it.

Uncle Willie said...

I need a lot of help or rather this country needs a lot of help with our television watching. The amount of TV commercials and network program announcements have gotten way out of line in the last five years. I put a stop watch on an ABC network nightly news recently and recorded the following. Firstly, the news program is not a half hour as it was years ago. Network ABC nightly news is only twenty-seven minutes long. It is cut short three minutes to squeeze in extra commercials and station announcements. Along with this I clocked nine minutes of commercials and station program announcements. Nine minutes out of twenty-seven is one third (33%)folks and if you have cable or satellite you're paying for those nine minutes. I can not verify the case with CBS and NBC as I haven't put them on the stop watch. On a very recent live CBS golf program my stop watch had, in an hours programming, fourteen minutes of commercials and station announcements with forty-six minutes of live golf action. This results in 30.5% commercial time within the live broadcast. Just what can be done to rectify this ridiculous situation? We can't boycott the advertisers, there's too many of them. Just try and beat the system by switching channels, to lessen the hurt, and you'll find the SOB'S synchronized the system and you just get introduced to a newer, different TV commercial. Anybody got any ideas or am I the only one bothered by this worsening situation?

Another favorite of mine are these half-second, digital, quickie commercials which arrived on the scene about two years ago and tell us nothing in a very short span of time allowing for commercial on top of commercial. The inventor should be hung by the short hairs along with network CEO'S, producers and directors as well as the modern digital TV commercial clowns.

Beyond Bibb's Store said...

Nobody makes is watch. What you have is a consumer issue, not a public policy issue. While broadcasters do not operate in a perfect marketplace, I certainly wouldn't want to see the Feds encroach farther into the part of it that actually represents free markets. Broadcasters constantly test to determine viewers' tolerance for breaks. We did the same In radio. Why are you still watching commercials. Wait fifteen minutes and replay on your DVR, skipping the commercials. You'll finish a couple of minutes behind. Or....Vote with your clicker. Write to the advertisers. Turn the damn thing off.

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