Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trump's Leading, So Why Wont He Quit?

Trump 23, Carson 13, Fiorina 13, Rubio 9, Bush 8, Cruz 6, Kasich 2, Huckabee 2, Christie 1, Paul 2, Jindal 1, Santorum 0, Walker, Pataki 0, Graham 1

Talk about spoiled, arrogant, entitled, self-centered and stupid, the GOP establishment takes the cake (you know, apart from the DEMOCRAT establishment). Have a look at the latest poll. Now I would describe Bush, Rubio, Kasich, Christie and Graham as establishment candidates. Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Cruz and Huckabee would be "outsiders" in my view. So, let's do a little math. The "outsiders" account for 57%, the establishment 21% (Jindal and Paul defy categorization but they account for only 3%). These numbers sound about right to me.

So who makes up that 21% I wonder, or more to the point who is Washington working FOR? Who is for open immigration and sweeping trade bills? Who is for outsourcing American jobs like at Disney, half of Silicon Valley and (just today) Toys R Us? Who thinks the GOP is just fine the way it is and wants to change nothing? Well the donor class of course. The quid pro quo, mega-wealthy who are getting wealthier by the minute along along with their sycophantic "professional" Republicans who are loyal to party rather than ideals.

These people (along with the Democrat establishment) are attacking Trump on a daily basic. Incredibly they constantly call for Trump to withdraw from the race. Now Jeb is a different story. He has cratered since early summer losing about two thirds of his support but gee, somehow for him "the polls don't matter". You see he's bankrolled by the fat-cats and unless something better comes along he'll will be around to the bitter end (Rubio and Kasich are desperately trying to be that "something better"). If money can fix it, it ain't a problem and believe me, the establishment have no qualms about buying an election. Hell, that's what they do. Jeb said recently we've only started our television ads so let's wait and see how those play out. Yes of course, that makes perfect sense, the voters in New Hampshire have no idea who Jeb Bush is so let's introduce our candidate and watch those numbers go through the roof. You just can't beat those party consultants...absolutely brilliant!

At this point in time I'd say the dolts haven't figured out yet they aren't running against the outsiders, they're running against each other. Same goes for the outsiders. If Trump loses support either Carson or Fiorina pick it up, it doesn't go to Jeb or Rubio. So I have to conclude that unless there's some secret weapon waiting in the wings the establishment is in deep, deep do do.

Here's the problem. Sixty plus percent of Republicans say the Republican Party has "betrayed" them, 45% say they are "afraid" of their government. These kinds of numbers do not bode well for an insider from either party. People are pissed. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I think it's clear 2016 will be a year of throwing the bastards out, so my question is... why won't Jeb quit?

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LL said...

There is a lot of hubris out there. Sometimes (as with Trump), it's rewarded as it falls in line with the concerns of the nation. Sometimes (as with Jeb and the Republicans getting even less support than he is) it is not.

Boehner's departure is the bell tolling for Jeb. I think that McConnell might not be that far behind. Does Jeb hear the bell, like the dread footfall of bare feet on the deck of the slaver's ship? I don't think so. These entitled, supported by the very wealthy, live in a world where 40 year old Scotch is swill - 50 or nothing. These are people who listen to country club peers.

Witness, if you will, the scorn heaped upon us by Russia, and the blustering timidity of American's timid, politically correct, entitled, deafened by the calliope music under the Big Top where they live.

I can only help that the metaphor of a Neville Chamberlain replaced by a Winston Churchill will be our lot.

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