Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Hammer's College Football Review: Week 8

Thanks a lot asshole!
Has there ever been a team in the history of football that had such hard luck on last second field goal attempts? Well FSU added yet another to the annals of infamy when a good but underachieving Georgia Tech squad blocked one and ran it back for six. Jimbo's ticket to the playoff just got lost in the mail. Tough break, I guess the Clemson game ain't gonna be that big after all.

Speaking of Clemson, I'm not sure if they're that good or Miami is that bad. Clemson went down to whatever that friggin' stadium is that replaced the Orange Bowl and beat those guys like a dog. This ain't "The U" of old obviously. Remember Warren Sapp, Bennie Blades, Michael Irvin and the quarterbacks...all those great quarterbacks? I know I know, they were thugs and had they not been football players they would have been dealing and robbing and killing in Liberty City. We can all agree on that. But when they were good, man they were off the charts good. What I liked about those teams was they didn't give a shit. It was all in your face and if you didn't like it then do something about it, otherwise STFU. Now? Well, let's be kind and just say the culture has changed.
'87 Miami • '05 Miami

Out west #3 Utah went down to Southern Cal. I really had no idea if these guys were for real or not, apparently not. Tennessee played Bama tough but lost late. Look, Tennessee is not a bad football team. Look for them next year to return to glory. Stanford won again as did Baylor (but lost their quarterback). OSU, Michigan State and LSU all won. Really no other games of national significance.

Now, lets talk some more ACC. The Wolfpack finally got a win and I'm gonna enjoy it, we get Clemson next week. But the game I was really interested in was UVA at Carolina. The Wahoos showed a little life last week and I thought they had a good shot at the Heels in Kenan yesterday. But it was not to be. The thing is Fedora has himself a damn good football team. They can score and their defense, as opposed to last year's, is outstanding. They get Pitt next week on the road and the week after Duke at home. If they can get past those teams then they'll be knocking on the top ten door. Shame they don't play Clemson or FSU this year.

That's all I got. On a personal note I've been trying to lose a little tonnage. I won't bore you with weekly updates as does somebody we all know, but suffice to say I'm a little fatigued and mentally a little slow (well slower than usual). Plus my Yankee neighbor decided he doesn't like pine trees so he's taking them all down and BURNING them in his backyard. So if it isn't chainsaw screaming at 130 db at eight in the morning, it's so smokey I feel like I'm in 1944 Wilhelmshaven. He's bitching about pine straw everywhere. I told him to get some gutter helmets but just like a Goddamn Yankee bastard he won't listen. What a dick! I hope a tree falls on his house.  

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