Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where Are You Now Klaus Fuchs?

So, if I understand the message our ever so diligent media is trying to advance, Mr. Trump's numbers are falling faster than my GPA at TIT (Tickbite Institute of Technology) after the well known Acarina Dorm incident (I actually had nothing to do with it but my pickup WAS used to transport the livestock, so I got blamed). Anyway, no sense in rehashing the past, let's move on.

The most recent polls in Iowa show Dr. Ben moving in front, which could be true. But just as sure as when spring arrives CW will break out all the Barber Shop Quartet gear, the NATIONAL polls started showing Trump falling behind. Wow, didn't see that one coming...NOT!

Here's the deal, the last two guys to win Iowa were Huckabee in '08 and and Santorum in '12, both prominent social conservatives as is Carson (evidently farmers trend toward paleoconservatism). So again the Iowa numbers could be right, but this big a drop this fast on the national level? I'm sorry, I have to call bullshit. I suspect it's just good old network push-polling.

Here's what I think. I think BOTH establishments from BOTH political parties are beside themselves trying to deal with Trump. Just look at CW, he's acting like an entitled child (sorry CW, but it's true). The Republicrats have common cause and they've thrown everything humanly possible at The Donald and although they're slow to come around, they've finally realized the frontal attacks have not worked (not the sharpest knives in the drawer our Republican consultants). But up until a few days ago they hadn't gotten around to the fake polls (which I predicted would happen several months ago). Apparently now is the right time what with the desperation level close to the suicide range (see Jeb crying to mama and daddy and big brother). I surmise the establishment thinking is this; let's take Trump down with another outsider candidate, one that's a little more susceptible to our underhanded political machinations. In other words use Carson to kill Trump and then kill Carson.

Well let's see if it works, but I got news for our Republican inside the beltway boobs. The immigration issue ain't going nowhere. You and your money guys might end up getting your way, but only because Democrats pushed through "immigration reform" because your ass will be out of a job. Let's see how many tears the Chamber of Commerce shed at your demise for selling out the American worker. Furthermore chew on this, people may use traitors, but when they're done they're just as disgusted by them as the people they betrayed. Such is the lot of John Boehner.

Gentlemen it's a new day, adapt or die. You guys are all about compromise except when it come to your own conservatives (social and fiscal). I and millions upon millions of true conservative voters see no difference whatsoever between Boehner/Ryan and Nancy Pelosi. So why would we even bother voting?


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Interesting. Though of course, if a reasonable man were to read through our numerous electoral posts, the conclusion would be clear which of us is displaying childish behavior.

"The Hammer" said...

What's his name? Come on CW, say the name!

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