Friday, October 16, 2015

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's eating you, Shipmate? Are you bummed your candidate didn't raise enough money last quarter? Were you hoping Bernie Sanders might do better in the debate? Share your pain!

Weighed in at 155.6 today, some of the New Orleans damage having been mitigated.

That said, new damage is on the horizon. I am headed off on six days of travel today, beginning with a trip to Wisconsin with longtime blog reader General Dan to take in the splendor of his home state and Sunday afternoon's Packers game. Then it's up to Newport on a little bidness.


Dan said...

Professional-grade consumption.
Much like New Orleans...only colder.

"The Hammer" said...

Jim Webb is saying the debate was fixed. Well why wouldn't it be? Everything the Clintons do is a fix. They own the DNC , (they never gave it up and mayonnaise head is THEIR creature) so with Hillary running for Prez the fix is a given. They've got what, 6 debates? Last time they had 27. Tuesday's debate Sanders looked like a Hillary supporter not a candidate. If it wasn't a fix then Hillary got luckier than Bill at a Vegas "porn oscars" pool party.
Here's my beef. Trump and Carson are presently bitching because CNBC wants to dictate the terms of the debate to OUR candidates. We've got a good few debates with Fox doing a couple, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN...the usual players. The Democrats have their debates with PBS, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Univision, but no FOX? We go on their turf to debate, we get leftist CNN talking heads with not one damn conservative but the Dems get a pass?
Jesus H. Christ didn't our halfwit establishment dickheads learn anything from Candy Cowley and Martha Radish? Why are they doing this? Why can't they make the point "Look the Democrats won't go on Fox so we're not going anywhere BUT Fox. We agree that Fox is a right of center network but we also recognize NBC is a FAR LEFT network. We'll be happy to answer their questions but the Democrats have to answer Sean Hannity's questions as well."
But no, they're too "inside the beltway". They might not get invited to the White House when the French come to town. They might be struck from Sally Quinn's rolls. What a bunch of losers and pussies. And you people wonder why us "crazies" are pissed?
You're dragging us down. You either don't have the will or the ability to win. You want to be in the club and a "player" more than you care about your country. You're are either sellouts or idiots and you won't get out of the way.

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