Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Angst over Michigan

Much ado is being made over Mitt Romney's potential troubles in Michigan, his home state where he has not lived for 47 years. This should give him some built-in advantages, obviously, and I'm not suggesting that a Romney (shudder) loss in Michigan would be meaningless.

But does anyone really think Santorum is going to cruise to victory in HIS home state, the same one that rejected him so soundly in 2006? The Pennsylvania primary is not until April, but will we see the same angst on display then? Or is this just an opportunity for the press to gleefully highlight the troublesome road Mitt suddenly finds himself on?


Anonymous said...

Michigan is an open primary, just like New Hampshire. This is a prime place where Mitt ought to be able to suck in all those independents that he keeps talking about. If he fails there, its over. He needs to pull out of the race, "for the good of the party."

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Yes--independents--and Democrats voting for their favorite culture warrior....

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