Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romney Takes Two

Well folks, Mitt's got the Big Mo heading into Super Tuesday.  Yes, yes, I can hear the wags now, you know, the ones for whom nothing Mitt does is ever enough.  "He only won by 3 in his home state".  "Turnout is low--the base will stay home".  "He did worse than he did four years ago".  Whatever.  A week and a half ago, he was down by double digits in Michigan and Santorum was nipping at his heels in Arizona.  Tonight, he won Michigan and drilled Santorum in Arizona.

Super Tuesday is in a week, and Newt is lying in wait in Georgia and Tennessee.  Newt's far from dead, and he'll take a few delegates.  But I have a feeling that one week from tonight--when the Super Tuesday votes are counted--Mitt Romney's path to the nomination will be clear, and neither Newt nor Rick will have a path forward. 


Mudge said...

Wag Dowd does not disappoint with a NY Times piece that must have the toilet tissue industry reeling with concern about Dowd Times stealing their market share. Yep, the propaganda arm of the DNC (aka the MSM) hasn't worked this hard since GWB.

I just don't get the whole home state of Michigan meme. It's not like Gore losing Tennessee. Yeah, Mitt's dad was governor, but that was a long time ago beyond a big chunk of voters' llifetimes. He's not been affiliated with MI for a long time and his own governorship of the People's Republic would understandably obscure whatever affiliation with MI he or others might claim. Finally, his 100% correct position against the auto industry bailout did him few favors in the land f the UAW. Nah, this was a good win.

"The Hammer" said...

Ok CW, you're horse won. But he better deliver! Otherwise you and your elitist brethren are done!
Free market folks like me are in no mood for bullshit. He better win and he better follow through!

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