Friday, February 24, 2012

Tuesday's a Big Day--Have You Made Out Your Check to Mitt Yet?

You heard it here first, folks.  Mitt will take both primaries Tuesday night, and the Big Mo will be on his side going into Super Tuesday.  I know some of you have been sitting back thinking, "why send money when Rick or Newt might be the candidate."  There's some logic to that in these hard times, but we're at the point where resources are what feed the victory.  Click this link, donate, and don't forget to check the block that says you know your referrer.


Dan said...

Only when he buckles his kids in.

Mudge said...

Dan - Thank you for pointing out the irresponsibility of this driver. Where is Ray The Hood when you need him? This whole carload of citizens is at great risk! Rearward-facing child safety seats are missing! Shoulder safety restraints are missing. I'll bet there aren't even air bags in this death trap on wheels. They should also, absent a welded-frame roof, be wearing DOT-approved safety helmets with shatterproof eye shields. Someone call the government! And God-forbid if they are driving on something other than a shovel-ready road project.

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