Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eugene Robinson is Right

Do you realize how much it hurt to type the title of this post?  Eugene Robinson is a reliable lefty and race victimization merchant, with whom I have nearly weekly disagreements.  Today?  I read his article and asked myself if I couldn't have written much of it. 

Santorum--if the GOP nominee--will lose, and he will take down others with him.  In the end, I'm sure a certain slice of the Republican Party will be smug and content in their newly ideologically pure (and perpetually minority) party. 

However, every issue that matters to them for decades to come, will go the other way.  You want to see the "muddled middle" become un-muddled?  Nominate Santorum.


"The Hammer" said...

You're right CW, this piece could have been written by you or any other establishment Republican. But it wasn't, it was written Eugene Robinson, and there's your first clue Sherlock.

Robinson is without a doubt the most partisan, racist, equivocating demagogue since Anthony Lewis. And all of a sudden he wants to take on the plight of the Republican elites? Because he's afraid they may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Give me a break my thalassic friend! You're smarter than this.

We've got some real problems in this country, and some won't be solved with an election. We have 40% illegitimacy (75% among some minorities) and if there's one indicator that will predict future anti-social behavior (which costs us money out the ass) this is the one.

Look, I'm a little nervous talking about social issues too, but by God it's a debate that needs to happen. Do you want to get our fiscal house in order? Do you want America to be prosperous and strong so we can provide for the old and disabled AND have a strong national defense? Of course you do, and so do I. So a morality and social responsibility debate is necessary, and the politics might not be as bad as you think.

Sally said...

Hammer, do you think a morality and social responsibility debate is going to change the illegitimacy rate and the degree of moral decay in this country? Even if it would, is a finger-wagging, judgmental, intolerant Rick Santorum the right messenger?
If he's the nominee, watch how fast the DNC links him to George Allen, to Scott Brown, to Connie Mack, and to every other possible Senate pickup we have in November. And get ready to say Welcome Back, Majority Leader Harry Reid.
And perhaps even 'Speaker Pelosi.'

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that "Surging Wave" Mitt Romney will help us "down ticket." Every primary he has "won" (with less than 50% of the vote) has had less turn out than 2008 and far less than what we saw in 2010. I agree with CW that Santorum is not the man, I personally find him unlikable, but the nation deserves a true conservative rather than a milk toast moderate alternative. Maybe the next time Newt is up in the polls, you will give him a look? That would be an awesome debate match up.

"The Hammer" said...

Hold on Sally, intolerance is their's not ours. We've tried it their way, and it hasn't worked. But I concede that it might not be good politics, I say MIGHT. In my humble opinion talking about these issues now would not only be good for the country, but at this stage I think absolutely necessary. We are in a mess. We don't have any money. And we certainly don't have money to subsidize drunks, drug addicts and whores. What better time to have this discussion than an election year? Let's get the cards on the table and if the American people decide they want the country to be a non-judgmental -just shut the hell up and pay- kinda country, then so be it. At least everybody will knows where they stand. There is no point in waiting until we're out of options, be they for debate or otherwise. But I'll say this, and you may disagree, the Democrats don't want this debate. And Mr. Robinson's column proves it.

Anonymous said...

We don’t need a Mitt who will just be a slightly more conservative version of Obama.

And, we must ask why the voters of Pennsylvania overwhelmingly rejected Santorum in his last bid for the senate.

A truly concerned American will reject the talking heads and the “Establishment” GOP and go for the man who can do what needs doing, Newt Gingrich.

If you are willing to settle for less, then you might as well vote for Obama.

Sally said...

Anon, Romney will do no down-ballot damage. And sure, a Newt-Obama debate matchup would be priceless. Too bad that will account for about .00001 of the time during the campaign. That's a lot of other time to worry about. As far as giving Newt a look, sure, and would you read Mitt's book No Apologies? You just might be pleasantly surprised.

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