Friday, February 10, 2012

Romney's Jeremiah Wright Moment

I realize it is a cliche to say it, but today's CPAC speech is Romney's "Jeremiah Wright" moment.  Today's speech is a critical one for his candidacy, one in which he MUST baseline conservative voters' perceptions of him as sufficiently conservative for their tastes.  They are never going to completely embrace him as one of their own, and outright pandering will be both unwelcome and insincere.  But Romney has some truly conservative accomplishments and he's led an exemplary life reflecting conservative values.  He needs to remind them of this.


"The Hammer" said...

You are right on the money CW. If this guy can't get over the hump with half the party (my half), then he is wasting everybody's time.

Time to fish or cut bait.

Mudge said...

CW - so will he?

Sally said...

How do you think he did?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

A double, not a home run

Anonymous said...

Romney needs to worry less about the definition of marriage (leave that to the states - there is a 10th amendment!!) and focus on the economy/national defence/foreign policy

"The Hammer" said...

More like he hit into a double play.

I am really getting worried. We've all heard it's better to be lucky than good and Obama is certainly lucky when it comes to his enemies. Man we got nothing. We have a front runner who, a least at this stage, should be uniting the party. Instead we have guy who reminds me of The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Jesus God I want Romney to do good. We've got a tough fight ahead of us and in my opinion American style liberal democracy is at stake. But damnit all to hell with this group of clowns we couldn't carry 10 states.

I'll tell you this for nothing though, if Romney wins this nomination, and I expect him to, and goes into the general running like a little pipsqueak moderate and consequently gets his ass trounced, then the powers that be in this friggin' party got some 'splanning to do. These Steve Schmidtt, David Brooks, TARP loving, Northeastern liberal asswipes can go screw themselves. We'll pull a John Galt, or at least start our own party. But the Republican Party as it presently exist is deader than dead, and it should be.

Let me ask you people something. When the Democratic Party turned hard left in 1972 with George McGovern, where do you think all those moderate Democrats went? The Scoop Jackson and Zell Miller types hung around because they had no where else to go, but the younger ones are now running the Republican Party. I am an uncompromising Constitutional conservative and if things continue like this, I'm outta here.

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