Monday, February 27, 2012

A Shill is a Shill

I was watching "Morning Joe" this AM as I do occasionally. Of course it's about as entertaining as Barney & Friends and Joe Scarborough is a sellout dirtbag turncoat, but they have a good representation of the establishment left and I like to keeps tabs on what they're up to. Mika Brzezinski is without a doubt the strangest woman on television. She puts off this I'm a hot dominatrix vibe, but hot she ain't. We've all seen people like her, even when she laughs her eyes are dead. She just scowls and skulks around and well, she just gives me the creeps.

Anyway, so I'm watching and gro├če Frau Brzezinski quotes a Maureen Dowd hit piece on how the GOP is past it with old ideas blah blah blah (typical Dowd drivel) and then she says "for balance" she'll read a Kathleen Parker column from today's Washington Post. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Parker may describe herself as slightly right of center but I can only assume she's referring to her driving habits because if this woman is a conservative (slight or otherwise) then I'm an F-15 pilot. In her column she hits every leftist talking point in the playbook, including that pre-abortion ultrasound thing (aka RAPE in leftspeak) floated in Virginia. And she plays up the Democrat contraception cunard talking about how the Republicans want a ban. Give me a break! This is such a blatantly obvious political ploy designed to gin up outrage among a must have constituency (stupid promiscuous women) that there is no way in hell Parker is not a leftist shill. The proof is in the pudding.

This is all a "subvert behind enemy lines" strategy. You're either conservative or not. You believe in the Constitution or you don't. Calling yourself conservative doesn't make you one and if Kathleen Parker is a counter-balance to Maureen Dowd, then I'm off to Seymour Johnson for a little flight-time.


PK said...

Completely off-topic (and uber-intellectual to boot) but...
The first time I heard "Seymour Johnson AFB," I was sure the speaker was kidding. Evidently not. And to my surprise, the speaker didn't immediately comprehend the reason for my incredulity and subsequent mirth. I'm sure he was a great man worthy of having an AFB named after him, but really - what was the USAF thinking??

Mudge said...

Before you get to step into that cockpit, Hammer, you're going to have to go through some pretty significant training. Like:
- Homosexuality Sensitivity Training
- Gender Identity Confusion Sensitivity Training
- Peace Loving Moslem Religion Sensitivity Training
- Noise Abatement in Endangered Species Habitat Training
- Solar-powered jet turbine operation training
- Pamphlets of Apology Deployment Training
There are many, many more courses the budding fighter pilot must undergo these days, but don't let that be a deterrent to you. Just think of the jump start you'll have if this Administration gets another shot at dismantling America. You might even get to validate most of the courses at the re-education camps.

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