Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Debate Prep for Mitt Romney

In the spirit of making sure that my candidate is well-prepared for tomorrow night's debate, I offer the following in order to ensure he knocks the ball out of the park when inevitably, he is called upon to comment on Rick Santorum's positions on social issues. 

"Senator Santorum and I agree with President Obama, that marriage should be limited to unions of men and women.  And, Senator Santorum and I are both ardently pro-life.  But I want to make no mistake about it--while I believe marriage should be reserved for heterosexual unions, I do not believe that loving,  gay relationships should be respected in our society any less than loving, heterosexual relationships.  And while both the Senator and I disagree with the the Administration's current attempt to force religious groups in this country to violate their constitutionally protected beliefs, the fact and practice of contraception--it seems to me--is unobjectionable.  I respect Senator Santorum's deeply held beliefs, but I do not agree that contraception "harms" women." 

Then, move back to the economy and the failure of the Obama Administration.


"The Hammer" said...

Sounds right to me.

At least with gays we don't have to pay for their bastard (soon to be criminal) children.

Sally said...

I would love to see Mitt deliver that. And it would be the one debate snippet that would be rebroadcast a million times over the next few days.

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