Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Only Good Republican is One Who Looks like a Democrat

Take a look at this bit of doggerel.  In it, two lefty professors (I repeat myself) take to the pages of the Washington Post to yearn for the days of Romney---George that is--as the exemplar of Republicanism.  This is of course, a retread of the standard "if only Republicans acted more like us, the world would be a better place" meme.  They write with such breezy familiarity, as if everyone reading would evaluate what they say as being so completely sensible, so thoroughly adoptable.  There isn't the slightest hint that there may be important policy differences and ideological barriers to the kind of world they yearn for--there is simply the correct way (the way of bigger government) and the way Republicans do it today. 


Mudge said...

One of the Sunday leftist echo chambers today cited a "poll" that said enthusiasm on the right for the potential nominees was so low that 20-30% of Republicans polled said they would either stay at home or vote for Obama. They must have commissioned former ACORN staff to create their list of "Republicans." If I ever met a Republican who was serious about voting a second term for Obama, I'd give him or her a hug and say, "It's okay, I know it's difficult. Just admit it, 'I'm not really a Republican...I'm a', c'mon, say it...that's right, 'I'm a leftist. I am a liberal.' Go ahead, shout it from the occupier tent roof tops! 'I AM A LIBERAL!" There, don't you feel better now? Go. Go on now. Be with your friends--you know, the ones with their hands out making those high-pitched 'it's not fair' whiney sounds." Republicans voting for Obama. It's almost cute to watch the left wish so hard for things they simply can't comprehend.

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Sally said...

'Doggerel' - LOVE it!

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