Friday, February 8, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's bothering you, Chum?  Dramatically ignore your diet this week and afraid to step on the scale? (Yes).   Republicans got you by the short hairs on $1.2T in budget cuts and this time, the clock is ticking against you?

Sing out in pain, friends.  Share your anguish. 


Doc Milnamo said...

The Adidas wrist bands are a very nice touch.

Shezza Biggun said...

Those aren't wrist bands, they're beach towels.

Mudge said...

Can't help but wonder if the residents of Big Bear, CA are eager for the State Legislature to pass their proposed new gun control legislation that would give the state authority to confiscate legally-owned guns. After all, when there are madmen out in your neighborhood armed with guns, nothing does more to save innocent lives than taking guns from the law-abiding. [Reason # 100346 why I don't live in California.]

NavyAustin said...

Forcing myself to step on the scale when I think (or know) it is going to be bad news is a small victory of will. I dread it some mornings, but feel great when I do it.

Sheeza Biggun, the beach towels comment was priceless.

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