Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WaPost Tries, and Fails, to Criticize the President

The title of this morning's WaPost editorial was "Sequester Offers President Obama a Time to Lead".  From it, one could potentially gather that from the standpoint of the WaPost Editorial Board, he was not leading. 

Next, the following sentence could also be viewed as leading one in that direction: "That’s what makes the minimal presidential leadership on entitlement reform so baffling."

Then, there's the Posts complete acceptance of the President's culpability in suggesting the Sequester as a tactic, and his acceptance of NO ADDITIONAL REVENUE as a condition of putting off the debt limit ceiling discussion until after the election.  So far so good.  But then, the Post returns to form and lives up to its role as a mouthpiece for the DNC.

You can always tell when the Bought and Paid For Media believes that Democrats are in the wrong...that's when they blame both sides.

This is yet another example of the practice, though in the end, the Post comes to ACTUALLY lay the blame on irresponsible Republicans while urging the ever-responsible and above ideology President Obama to "lead" on the issue.  Dig this paragraph:

"Most Republicans in Congress have been utterly irresponsible in this debate. They pretend that they could balance the budget without more revenue, an arithmetical impossibility, and they have failed to put forward realistic, near-term entitlement reforms. But we take little comfort in Mr. Obama’s being less irresponsible. He is the president; his party colleagues are increasingly intransigent on entitlement reform; and it will be his — and their — progressive goals that suffer most if the nation continues on its current path."

There is so much to unpack here--so much water carrying for Democrats.   Who are these "most" Republicans who have been "utterly irresponsible" for "pretend(ing)" they could balance the budget without more revenue?  Did we not just have a $600B tax increase?  Have Republicans not time and again offered tax reform ideas that would close loopholes and increase revenue?  And as for "realistic" entitlement reforms, there has been ONLY ONE PARTY that has put forward realistic entitlement reforms--while the President has done nothing.

Nice try, WaPost.  But another swing and a miss in the cause of balanced media coverage of the current situation. 

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