Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Take 10 Minutes to Read This has a script of David Horowitz's "How Republicans Can Win the Next Election"  It's a little lengthy (at most a 10 minute read--okay, 15 minutes if your lips move while reading) but it is well worth your time.  And it is spot on with nearly every point. 

I've long thought that we are competing in a political boxing match with an opponent who is out to win, irrespective of how he wins where we too are out to win but only in accordance with the rules of boxing.  So when we find ourselves taking punches below the belt (outright lies about who we are and what we are proposing, not being civil, being racist, hating women, etc etc) we cover ourselves and wait for some referee to break us up.  What we should be doing BEFORE we take a punch in the progeny is to step right up to our opponent and start throwing power punches right at his face and when he tries to jab, we parry or dodge and counter punch with another power punch. We are in a boxing match, not a high school debate.  Or as Horowitz states, we are at war and we are the only party that fails to realize it.

"How do you Democrats explain 50 years of "leadership" living high on the hog in Detroit, Chicago, LA, and virtually every other wrecked US city where Blacks and Latinos are being left to fight over the ruins of the streets that your policies have created?"
We have a better story of success for policies creating real opportunity for all Americans, including minorities.  But we've allowed the Democrats to define their "help" (foodstamps, endless unemployment, more government dependancy, etc) as superior and more moral.  We have all the facts in the world to disprove that fantasy.  But we are always "too polite" to hammer away at it.  Not talking about Bengazi and drilling it repeatedly into Obama's smug face (and the clearly biased referee's face as well) in the second debate was a good example. 

Anyway, I thought it an excellent piece of work and advice.  I hope we have at least a few elected officials who know how to box or who don't mind getting a bit bloodied stepping into the ring and learning how. 


The Conservative Wahoo said...

A very compelling piece.

Anonymous said...

Next up....the enemies of America who are reading the same headlines about Carriers not deploying to the Persian Gulf are now readying themselves.
Benghazi on a much larger scale.
Wonder if our military leaders will strike the tone Horowitz advocates?

Anonymous said...

So, when can we expect Republicans to declare:
"President Obama has overseen/aided/abetted/authorized the murder of potentially innocent Americans?"

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