Monday, February 25, 2013


Anonymous said...

This contrived photo op was really a reach.

First of all, you know that everybody there knew what movie won best picture. Do you really think the envelope remained sealed? It had to be inspected for all sorts of threats -- anthrax, letter bombs, Republican economic plans, "Life of Pi" as the winning entrant.

Second,did you notice how staged Michelle's little group cluster was when they cut from Hollywood to the White House? Like they were all having a chat, when all of a sudden, "Oh hey, we're on TV."

Finally, I am not sure what the point was having all of that military arm candy on display, but weren't our White House military aides looking splendid in their full regalia? It looked like the Drawing Room at Downton Abbey. But at freaking 2330 at night? I know the life of a White House Social aide has all sorts of crappy duties, like dancing with the drunk/stinky husband/wife of the Deputy Ambassador of BFE, but hanging out in full dress uniform at 2300 so you can be used as fawning back-drops for an Oscar announcement takes things to a new low.

OK, back into hull defilade.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting my hackles up, Hammer. This event was so wrong on so many levels.

To wit:

1. The envelope. Really? Was the final announcement such a surprise to the folks there? You think the WH security folks didn't check the contents of the envelope for all things threatening to the White house -- anthrax, a letter bomb, a Republican solution to the economy, or "The Life of Pi" as the winning entrant?

2. Thank God this was pre-Sequester, otherwise we would've had to listen to the President add to his "Scare-quester" list of how the lack of WH security officials would have delayed the opening of said envelope, thus extending the Oscars into next month's CR debate.

3. The contrived nature of the gathering of military social aides, in full dress, like they had nothing better to do at 11:30 at night? I know the life of the military social aide is full of unpleasant things like dancing with the drunk/stinky husband/wife/Deputy Ambassador to Lower BFE, but being made to be Michelle's military arm candy, and gazing fawningly as she droned on endlessly was just a bit too much.


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