Friday, February 22, 2013

Don't Think They're Not Out There

    This is a pretty typical exchange I regularly have with certain people (or entities) on Facebook. Please pardon the language but I don't use FB the way one normally uses FB (because I'm not that normal), in fact I use FB much the same as Democrats use FB. I see my mission as a search and destroy campaign targeting professional leftist propagandists. My methods include the foulest, most vile language you could imagine (and that I can get away with) coupled with a steady dose of insults and derogations. I always speak the truth as I understand it, but my goal is to make the lives of these miserable people as miserable as possible and to defend the conservative/libertarian position.
    My activities aren't limited to just Facebook. I comment at news/entertainment sites such as Politico, sites of leftist personalities like John Stewart, Randi Rhodes, Bill Maher, newspaper letters sections; just about anywhere really.
    Now we've all heard about Obama's internet/social media savvy, and it's all true. Their machine has paid professionals (I guess you could call them professionals) monitoring and trolling, ready at a moments notice to knock down any idea not to their liking, and make no mistake, this is an organized effort. Their modus operandi is to use pseudonyms so several individuals may operate under the same name. Their job is to manipulate the narrative and their methods are whatever works. THESE are the people I seek out.
    Now if you doubt what I'm saying, have a look at the exchange between Original Tea Party and myself, he/she/it admits as much. THIS friends is the battleground. THIS is why we're losing the next generation, and as Reagan said, we're only one generation away from losing our freedoms.
    So if you think my methods are harsh then you are correct, they're intended to be. But we're fighting a different kind of war here, Reason and logic are not so much the tools as verbal one-upmanship. After all we're playing to the Idiocracy. And I know my enemy, I know their tactics and I will concede nothing. I will beat them at their own game, because people are watching.

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