Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bill Clinton Reveals Hillary's Election Strategy

Bill Clinton spoke to a retreat of House Democrats earlier this week, and it, he gave us a glimpse of Hillary's war plan for 2016.  Like Pippin gazing into the Palantir (below, 2:50 point), Clinton's inability to not be central forced him to give us a pretty fair sense of what is coming.

1.  Hillary will run to the right of Barack Obama.  This will be a quite a trick, especially if Joe Biden decides he wants to run.  In order to make her case, she will have to paint herself as a "new Democrat", and in the process, distance herself from the Obama Administration.

2.  One area where this will be obvious will be on healthcare.  Look for Hillary to come forward with a number of "common sense" tweaks to the Affordable Care Act--which will look reasonable when compared to current law.  Republicans must pour over video from the early Clinton Administration effort to achieve healthcare reform in order to remind voters that this new Hillary is very different from the Hillary of old--the one she must be constantly compared to,.

3.  Gun control is another place where you will see her distance herself.  Look for Hillary to be relatively passive on this front.  

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