Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemo, Hallowed be thy Name.

It seems our Northern friends got snowed on recently, up to three feet! It was a weather "event" of such significance and magnitude as to be named "Nemo" least we forget the horror and sacrifice made by some of our bravest citizens (and undocumented immigrants).
News accounts relay the perturbation (no not that CW) of people being forced into shoveling snow (a common tactic of humiliation used by Nazi's against Jews), ambulating through treacherous frozen streets or sitting at home drinking hot cocoa and scotch. 
Friends, this is a time of trial and tribulation for our Yankee brethren. Please, won't you take a moment to pray for the best and brightest among us? They are God's chosen people (just ask them) even though they deny his existence. But what cannot be denied is they are smarter, better looking, better educated and just BETTER than the rest of us, and we owe them our loyalty and dedication (and our wealth to hear them tell it). So, fall on your knees and pray, or to kiss their ass (whatever your faith tradition deems appropriate) but do it now.     

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