Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dispatch from the Road

As hard as I try to be a hard-hitting, insightful analyst of the nation's political scene, I tend to receive much more positive feedback on my posts that are "real-life" oriented.  This is troubling, as I actually have to work and think about the political stuff, whilst the other stuff seems to write itself.  Dammit, appreciate me for my hard work.

But once again, I find myself at the airport, BWI to be exact, awaiting a flight to Dallas and then onto Lawton, OK, home of the Air Defense Artillery Branch of the US Army. 

BWI is loaded with Hassidim today, and I saw something you don't see very often.  Two male Hassidim walking with a female--who was not wearing the female, demure version of the "uniform", but was instead accoutered in skin-tight yoga pants and a tight top to reveal her voluptuousness.  Nicely done, fellas.

This will be a quick trip, back tomorrow.  BWI really is a nice airport, and no matter where I want to go, it seems to be able to get me there relatively painlessly and cheaply.  Today, I have eschewed the BWI to OKC Southwest flight (sometimes direct, sometimes through STL) in favor of an AA channel that brings me directly to Lawton.  I've tired of the hour drive across flat, featureless Oklahoma that greets me with each landing in OKC.  I'll use that time tonight to have a bit of steak.

We are readying ourselves around the household for another lengthy absence of the Kittens.  They (and their mother) will leave next week for a spring break trip abroad, leaving me with the rambunctious lab and the two cats.  I shall muddle through.

Dined last night with three Navy buddies and brother Tom in DC.  I served extensively with two of the three, and there were a lot of stories flying around the table.  Brother Tom would have made a fine naval officer.  As you already know, he is an amiable travel companion and fine company at table.  Our bartender (before being seated) bore a striking resemblance to the actress (name escapes me, sorta unimportant) who plays the CIA admin woman in the Bourne series.  I think she did a dance movie too.  Fetching.  Brother Tom decided to try out his French on her, as he is traveling to Paris late in April.  The man is simply not happy unless he has an audience--even of one. 

I have grown weary of Winter, and look forward to Spring.  Each day as I go outside at the house, I see more little wildflowers poking through, and I hear birds making more noisy evidence of their presence.  Soon, the golf clubs must emerge.

Ok--sorry this one was a bit light on...well, anything.  Talk with you later.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the DFW-LAW connection. You might be having steak at the DFW Steak & Shake.

"The Hammer" said...

Well tell Tom to call me. I know Paris like no redneck since Tom Jefferson. I've groped coeds in the Palais de Luxembourg, I've perused the Louvre like a NAZI art thief and I've gotten shit faced in St. Michel more than once. In fact, he should take me along.
I'll get my passport together.

Hamilton Barlecher said...

Julia Stiles.

Tubby Beretta said...

Damn, your brother sounds like a helluva guy.

Noting is as frightening as being at DWI in August and seeing that your flight will contain more than one Hassidim. The heavy wool overcoat and Texas heat just doesn't work.

Tom LeFrere said...

Just remind your still-serving buddies that I am always available for Tiger cruises. I hope our dinner companions would attest to my conversational skills that would not be innappropriate banter at a wardroom table.

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