Saturday, December 6, 2008

Army Navy

Here it is again, a wonderful game, a wonderful tradition. I absolutely LOVE Army Navy, not only because I served in the Navy, but because now that I'm retired, I look down on the field and see 150 young men who signed on during a time of war--and in the stands are thousands of others they represent. Where do we get such people of character? The answer is all across this country. We are singularly blessed. We're facing adversity across the world and in our economy, but with men and women like those who attend our Service Academies leading the way, my money's on us.

I've already teared up three times, and the coverage has been on for 15 minutes. Hearing the ROAR of the crowd when President Bush was introduced got me all verklempt. That man has worked his BUTT off to keep this nation safe, and no one recognizes that better than the people on that field and their families at home. He has earned our respect, and that the people in the stands demonstrated it made me proud.


Dan said...

Totally with you on this Bryan. I only hope at the end of the game, they continue coverage (sans dialogue) to both sidelines during the respective Alma Maters. To watch these players and their true emotions come out at the end will choke-up anyone registering a pulse.
PS - Much on my class's blog about the uniforms -- about 50/50.

Dan said...

OK -- gotta ask. What's up with Sean White, the Navy running back with the full beard? I know there are shaving waivers, but I think Midshipman White violates Navy Grooming Standards, Section 2, Personal Appearance, Article 2:
"If a shaving waiver is authorized, no facial/neck hair shall be shaved, manicured, styled or outlined nor exceed 1/4 inch in length."
Clearly, his beard was shaved, manicured, styled, and outlined. It actually looked pretty good. However, in light of this gross violation, I believe the game should be forfeited, and Midshipman White brought to Captain's Mast.
Beat Navy!

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Saw that; troubling.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully said.

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