Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back from California

Just back from California, and I'm spending a night in Arlington before heading back to the farm tomorrow. A quick thought on living here in the vicinity of the nation's capital. There have only been two things people talk about here for the past few weeks--the crappy Redskins and the Inauguration. It was nice to be in California for a few days, where neither subject was discussed.


Mudge said...

You left a moment too early...I'll bet the area you were in is all-a-flutter with talk about the inauguration now...more specifically, the inaugural invocation. I mean, they are at the knickers-in-a-serious-twist stage of a-flutteredness. AND I LOVE IT THAT SO FAR THE MOST VOCIFEROUS OPPOSITION TO THE NEW ADMINISTRATION IS COMING PRECISELY FROM THE FRACTIOUS COMPONENTS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND HE HASN'T EVEN UTTERED THE FIRST WORDS OF THE OATH! Talk about delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of disappointed. I was hoping Reverend Wright would reemerge from his bunker for this role.

Mudge said...

Good point Sally...or the Reverend Jesse Jackson...but he might not make it past the Secret Service with that castration knife he apparently carries around with him. Plus, he's probably too busy advising candidate 5, I mean his son, to be doing inaugural speeches.

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