Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bjorn Lomborg on Global Warming

This thirty-minute video is worthwhile viewing if you'd like a non-hyperventilating, scientific, unemotional approach to the issue of global warming. Lomborg is Public Enemy Number 1 to the Al Gore Wind Machine crowd because 1) he's right and 2) he's persuasive.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.

I think a truthful, balanced, and appropriate response is the best in any situation. Extremism to counter extremism is never helpful. -and you can apply that to the myriad of situations we currently face.

However, if we agree that global warming exists and is man made, I would prefer erring on the side of safety. I often find it interesting that those that hold the view on terrorism that we must strike decisively before a credible threat exists are unable to apply that logic to the environmental problems we face. Much like our approach to the possibilities of a hidden WMD, do we really want to get this wrong and wish we had done more?

Maybe its in how its sold. If we had a less touchy feely messenger like Al and a more "let's kick its ass' approach would we attract more on the right? Joking on this point of course, but I think my previous logic is valid.

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