Sunday, December 28, 2008

"She's A Kennedy, But She's A Lot Like Us"

This is the headline for an editorial seeking to support Caroline Kennedy's desire to be appointed to Hillary's Senate seat. I read this with considerable disgust, and thought I might blog about it. Then I read through some of the 93 comments already posted on the WaPost's website, and once again saw that readers much wiser than I had already eviscerated this vapid woman (not Caroline Kennedy, but the editorialist).



Doc Milnamo said...

Yea, I'll say the commenters eviscerated the author - ouch! This was in the Living/Weekend section of the WaPo, right? Oh sory, page B01.

Dan said...

The only way she wins over any New Yorkers is to call for Brett Favre to return to Green Bay.

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