Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Richard Cohen on the Bubble

PEBO refers to the veil of silence, isolation and deference that surrounds the President as "The Bubble", and he aims to find a way to pierce through it. As of now, his Blackberry is thought of as the means for doing so. Richard Cohen tells us today that the real answer is "the Newspaper", and he brings up a great 1956 Eisenhower quote to back it up.

Yes, in theory, that's what newspapers are for. But newspapers have lost their credibility (if they ever had any) as neutral arbiters as a result of their clear bias for progressive politics. They simply aren't trusted anymore, and their bottom lines are beginning to show it.

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Anonymous said...

Does Cohen really think the internet and the economy killed newspapers? It was suicide.

The bubble? It is being shored up with iron by Rham and the Illinois issues. At least "bubbles" are transparent. PEBO is as transparent as midwatch coffee.

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