Friday, December 12, 2008

"Our Plan Was to Fight Downhill"

Read this story and be grateful for these men, for their courage, and for a country that produces them and others like them. Ten Army Special Forces soldiers will receive the Silver Star for their actions in a battle in Afghanistan in April. Want a little flavor of the action?

"As Ford and Staff Sgt. John Wayne Walding returned fire, Walding was hit below his right knee. Ford turned and saw that the bullet "basically amputated his right leg right there on the battlefield."

Walding, of Groesbeck, Tex., recalled: "I literally grabbed my boot and put it in my crotch, then got the boot laces and tied it to my thigh, so it would not flop around. There was about two inches of meat holding my leg on." He put on a tourniquet, watching the blood flow out the stump to see when it was tight enough.

Then Walding tried to inject himself with morphine but accidentally used the wrong tip of the syringe and put the needle in this thumb, he later recalled. "My thumb felt great," he said wryly, noting that throughout the incident he never lost consciousness. "My name is John Wayne," he said."

Again--where do we get men like this?

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Mudge said...

I was actually shocked that I saw this story in the MSM last night. And it was treated with more reverence than I expected. Still, there have been so many stories like these and so few reported that I can't help but wonder what our national mood would be if we had a media who reported all the news, not just that which satisified their own political (and of course commercial) agendas.

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