Monday, December 22, 2008

Howard Dean, Man on the Outside

Good vignette here on Howard Dean, author of the Democratic comeback (the 50 state strategy he devised was the blueprint for PEBO's success), and former Presidential Candidate; he's not on Rahm Emanuel's Chrisms...whoops Hanuka Card list, and he couldn't beat out Daschle for HHS. Howard Dean is a bloviating gas bag who clearly relished a Democrat Party that lurched to the left...but he's also a brilliant political strategist to whom the Democrats owe a great debt of gratitude. But that's just not PEBO's style...what have you done for me lately, Howard?


Mudge said...

Could it be, perhaps, that the Dean family kept sending the Emanuels Christmas/Hanukkah cards with pictures of their children?

Anonymous said...

Vettig prospects for important positions ussually involves exaustive research. Maybe what Obama's team dug up on "Howie" like his actions towards Native Americans in his home state preevented him from any type of serious considerations.

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