Friday, November 4, 2011

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Here it is again, folks. The opportunity you've all been waiting for! Unburden yourselves! Let your freak flag fly! Oh, and dont forget to contribute to Romney for President using the link on the right.


BigFred said...

Local politicians shaking hands and passing out flyers in the commuter lot this morning. Wife parents coming for the weekend (note: buy more Scotch). Job hunting.

"The Hammer" said...

State/Carolina tomorrow. Now I know we play crappy football. And I also know LSU and 'Bama are locking asses tomorrow in the BIG game, but this is a big deal for us.

There has been an extraordinary amount of trash talking on local radio with both coaches getting their licks in. From top to bottom, players, coaches, alumni; they really deon't like each other and this is the one game they want to win. You know it's not always the talent and skill, but the intensity.

If State wins it'll be #1 a miracle and #2 a devastating loss for the Heels. We suck and they're a very talented bunch of cheats and thugs. But in rivalry games you never know.

Doc Milnamo said...

I'd just like to voice my approval of Fred S's posting of The Cure's, "Friday I'm in Love" video on Facebook this morning. Immensely like!

Uncle Willie said...



Anonymous said...

"MG Fuller, Sir, ummmm, did you miss the OPD (Officer Professional Development) session we all had after Gen McCrystal's interview?"

"And fired over an interview with Politico, of all "news" organizations?"

CCE said...

While not a huge Cain fan, thought the readers of ConHoo might find this interesting. I too am sick of the "know it all" BAPF media.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

CCE--I like Ari Fleischer, and much of what he says is true. What I can't agree with is the whole "he sorta just remembered stuff as time went on and that isn't changing the story" line. This is the varsity--Cain's running for all the marbles. If--as is reported--the root of this story lay in his unsuccessful Senate race of 8 years ago, then it was an issue discussed then, and it should have been discussed internally now. It should have been subjected to "what-ifs" by the campaign, and they should have thought it through. Even if the accusations were untrue--Cain's tactic of trying to make a distinctions between a "settlement" and an "agreement" just didn't wash. The Jon Stewart montage wherein the course of a single day his story changed--substantially--is damning and bespeaks a campaign and a candidate that are not ready for prime time.

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