Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More on Income Inequality

I've written quite a bit here about income inequality, specifically my holding that it measures nothing useful, only envy.  It is however, the "subject du jours" for the "Occupy" folks, and so it remains newsworthy.

In this editorial, Nick Schulz at AEI lays out three reasons why inequality has grown...and why they may be "inconvenient" to the "99%"  Worth a read. 


Anonymous said...

College-educated immigrants outnumber unskilled immigrants

A new Brookings report finds that college-educated immigrants now outnumber those who enter the United States with just a high school degree. The disparity is especially striking in urban areas, with college-educated immigrants outnumbering their high school diploma-lacking counterparts by 25 percent in 44 major U.S. cities. Overall, 30 percent of working-age immigrants have a college degree now, compared to just 19 percent in 1980. Only 28 percent of immigrants in the United States lack a high school education.

The increasing number of high school drop out native born American citizens entering the work force has had a greater effect on the income inequality thatn that of immigrants.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Anonymous...the Brookings report seems to deal solely with "LEGAL" immigrants, as does the WaPost article fawningly spawned from it.

Care to speculate on the ratio of college educated ILLEGALS to uneducated ILLEGALS?

Really now.

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