Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It seems the Greek Prime Minister has called for a referendum on the EU bailout, and Brussels is not happy. George Papandreou (I think all Greeks are named George Papandreou aren't they?) said this is democracy in action and has nothing to do with him being a gutless politician seeking to cover his hummus eating ass. The Germans and the French bent over backwards to make this second bailout happen with a write-down of 50%, and now the Greek unions will have the final say? Oh what a web we weave.

Normally I could care less but in this age of globalization this could be the spark that crashes Europe. I've always thought the EU was a ridiculous, bureaucratic, world government pipe-dream but I would like to see an orderly annulment rather than a messy divorce. A Eurozone meltdown could have some nasty ramifications in this indebted, mismanaged political environment we find ourselves in today. It might be a good time to sell that Siemens and Telefunkel.


Georges Papandreou said...

I take offence at your racist stereotyping of the Greek people. I offer myself as evidence that your Greek naming convention holds no water.

gP said...

Would the previous post be from Georges Papanandreou the diner owner?

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