Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Immaculate Overreaction

Aspects of the Penn State debacle are starting to get ridiculous. The latest: former Steeler and Nittany Lion great Franco Harris, he of Immaculate Reception fame and a spokesman for a Pittsburgh-area casino & racetrack, has now lost his job because of his outspoken support for Joe Paterno.

Harris was critical of the Penn State Board of Trustees for firing JoePa, feeling they lacked courage in not standing by him. In other words, he was supporting his long-time coach.

This is NOT a defense of any of the utterly indefensible players in the Penn State drama. But stop and consider something: Sandusky just may be found not guilty. Before you guffaw, look at OJ...or Casey Anthony. Then what?


Anonymous said...

Sorry Sally, but unlike O.J. or Casey Anthony, Sandusky is neither black nor female. He is the great white defendent. Guilty.

Anonymous said...

For those of you too young to remember or with too short a memory, may I refer you to the McMartin Preschool sex scandals.
Things are not always as they appear to be.

Mudge said...

Great post (especially your title), Sally. My family and I gave my mother (PSU '55) her class ring last night. She never bought one and has always wished she had. Timing was miserable (we ordered it a week before all this broke) but she couldn't have been prouder to put it on. And yeah, we're all Paterno supporters. I personally have no problem with the decision of the board of trustees, just as I have no problem with the decision of Navy leadership to fire a decent man who is in command of a ship that runs aground. But, I have a serious disagreement with the ne'er-do-well journalists (but I repeat myself) who stand atop their moral dungpiles and cast aspersions on this good man's reputation.

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