Sunday, November 13, 2011

UVA 31 Dook 21

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, the Wahoos put another one in the win column yesterday, defeating the Blue Devils after three straight losses.  The prospect of an entire college career losing to Duke must have proved too much for the Seniors....

So the Hoo's are now 7-3, with Florida State and Virginia  Tech remaining.  I'd dearly like to win both of those games, would be incredibly satisfied with one victory (preferably over the Chokies, if needs be), but would--in the end--settle for playing both of them tough.

We'll see how things go. 


"The Hammer" said...

The game reminded me of a pekingese humping a stuffed animal.

Dan said...

I can give you the names of a bunch of good places to eat in El Paso for your Sun Bowl berth.

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