Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Cup o'Joe TO GO, Please!!!

Got a very thoughtful personal note from Jill Biden the other day inviting me to sign the Vice President's (shhh, it's a surprise) birthday card. Never one to turn down a personal invite such as this, I offered my heartfelt wishes for his birthday and the coming year:
"Happy Birthday Mr. Vice President! I know this job is a tough one and at your age, you shouldn't have to work this hard. So I'm going to do my level best to see that you and your boss don't have to do this job one more day past the next inauguration. Don't thank me, I'm doing it for our country. All the best, Mudge"
Well, in no time at all, Jill wrote back with a very kind offer:

"Thanks for signing the birthday card.
Now, the Vice President would like to offer you a cup of Joe. Literally.
[Ed: "Ewww!]
Celebrate his birthday by getting the official "Cup of Joe" mug with a donation of $20 or more."
I just figured those of you who are not quite so intimate with the First and Second families might want to get in on this deal too. I'm sure they wouldn't mind you taking advantage of a $2.00 mug at 10x the price.

Consider it good practice for if they win another term.

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Sally said...

They're just trying to win back your favor after rejecting you for Dinner With Big O. Like they can buy you off with a coffee cup offer! As if you have no pride!

How many did you get?

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