Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Predictions

First, here are my 2012 Predictions:

1.  Mitt Romney will be elected President:  NOPE
2.  Marco Rubio will be elected Vice-President:  NOPE
3.  Republicans will win majorities in both Chambers of Congress as a result of the 2012 Elections: NOPE
4.  The Presidential Election of 2012 will be notable for its ugliness.  Apologists for Mr. Obama will claim the result was a sign of lingering US racism, forgetting of course, 2008. NOPE
5.  My renovation will be completed by the time I write next year's wrapup  YES!
6.  The Dow will break its previous high sometime during the year  NOPE
7.  UVA's Football Team will lose only two games, one of which will be to Va Tech (which will play in the BCS Championship Game) NOPE
8.  Israel will be at war with at least one other nation-state during 2012.  The US will provide logistics and intelligence support, but nothing else. NOPE--technically, their dust up this year was not with a nation state
9.  Scott Brown will lose his Massachusetts Senate Seat--YEP
10.Scott Brown will be Mitt Romney's choice for Attorney General-- NOPE

2 for 10.  Pretty sorry performance.  Now, onto ten for 2013:

1.  Chris Christie will be re-elected in NJ
2.  Republicans will lose the VA Governor's race
3.  UVA's 2012/2013 Basketball Team will make the NCAA Tournament
4.  UVA Football will return to a Bowl Game with 8 wins or more.
5.  The Atlanta Falcons will win the Super Bowl over the Denver Broncos
6.  Barack Obama will be above 58% approval on 12/31/2013
7.  John Boehner will not be the Speaker of the House on 12/31/2013
8.  I will weigh less than 175 lbs on 12/31/2013 (currently 192)
9.  "Lincoln" will win the Best Picture Oscar
10.  Barack Obama will replace 2 members of the Supreme Court


Anonymous said...

Right off the bat, Christie loses to Booker.

"The Hammer" said...

The Hammer's Top Ten (minus 5) predictions:
1. Kim Jong-Un (named "Sexiest Man Alive" by at least one major on-line publication) will marry Lindsay Lohan in a private ceremony in the fashionable "Lakes District" of North Korea. Local residents in the resort town of Daheng Lugou will be delighted as the event will hasten much needed electrification.
2. It will be revealed by amateur genealogists that Michelle Obama and Whitney Houston are in fact sisters separated as infants by a Newark, New Jersey adoption agency. When the First Lady is asked about the rumor she will reply "Ain't nobody got time fer dat!"
3. FIFA and the international soccer community will be rocked to its very foundations when it is revealed that Manchester United's highly successful, longtime skipper Sir Alex Ferguson is in reality a cross-dresser named Moira Elphinstone from Glenboig, Scotland.
4. Israel, in an attempt to spur tourism and economic development in Ramallah and the West Bank, will announce plans to sponsor a major BBQ competition sanctioned by the International Barbeque Cookers Association. It is expected to attract most of the well known "Show Us Your Pits" stars including Big Bob Milroy from Decatur, Georgia and teams like "Lotta Bull" and "Slap Yo' Daddy". The Israel Ministry of Tourism will commit several thousand dollars to the project.
5. Hugo Chavez will die a slow and painful death not as a result of terminal malignant neoplasm but due to counterfeit drugs purchased on the streets of Mexico City and administered by Cuban "doctors". It will be revealed by Chavez's eldest daughter Rosa that instead of the analgesic Demerol, Chavez was given a knockoff of the American drug Mirapex, which is intended to treat "restless leg syndrome". The side-effects can include extreme bloating and anal leakage.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Right off the bat; Booker already said he wouldn't run for Governor....

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