Friday, December 28, 2012 appears a certain Blogger has fallen down on the here it is, BFFFFA!

Let's see, how does it go?  Something about getting things off one's chest.  Pick a current event and ask if the circumstance has you feeling cheated, wronged, etc (e.g. "What's wrong? Did your Meet the Press show-and-tell prop get you in trouble with the authorities?).  Then add some directive comments:  "C'mon people, emote! Let loose right here on BFFFFA!...or words to that effect. 

Oh, that's right, the most important item: insert picture of an unfortunate corpulent person to make some of us feel better about our own lack of self-discipline (or "glandular problem").

Detroit unveils it's latest innovation: Driver-equipped air bags


Sally said...

If you haven't yet done so, drop everything and go see Lincoln. Excellent flick.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Thanks for having my back, Mudge.

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