Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let's Push Our Advantage

Ok we lost, but not by much. Obama won 51% with what Brit Hume described as the best "get out the vote" effort in the history of electoral politics. And I agree. Factor in the successful cyber-attack on Romney's "Project Orca",  the 2-3-10%(who knows) in voter fraud, the millions upon millions in free pro-Obama media, the changing national demographics and it's surprising Romney did as well as he did. But we are not without resources.

As the map shows, we have 30 Republican governors and Republican control (according to wikipedia) in at least 27 State legislatures. Now Nebraska is officially non-partisan but we all know it's Republican. And in some of these States you can figure the Democrats have at least veto power over most legislation, plus some States (like mine) the cabinet positions are directly elected, so it's not absolute control. But the point is, the closer we get to the people, the more power we Republicans have.

We need to use that power. We should organize those States and go on the attack. We should vote in the State houses calling for fiscal responsibility by the Federal government. It takes two thirds of the State Legislatures to call for a Constitutional Convention and that's one tool we could use to pressure Congress. The Feds are always threatening the States with withholding funds if they don't enact this or that. That tactic cuts both ways. We should threaten the Federal government as a bloc in areas like highway funds and the like. Threaten to withhold taxes to the Feds. What are they going to do, send in the Army? We should attack in the courts on 10th. Amendment grounds. We should not cooperate with Obamacare mandates. We should be a pain in the ass at every turn!

Furthermor we can do things within our own States. We need to attack the underlying cause of the Democrat majority. They own the media, they own big labor but most importantly they own education. We should no longer tolerate the Stalinist discrimination of conservatives on campus. We pay the bills and there is no way a State university faculty should self-describe 85-90% liberal. This is an outrage and it must change. This intolerable situation ripples through all our society and we have allowed this to go on much too long!

The fact is there is a lot of things we can do and should do. The Democrats didn't get in this position overnight. They had an organized, coordinated long term plan of attack, as should we. So, let's stop worrying about the power we don't have and get to work in leveraging the power we do have. In five or ten years we can make the federal government almost irrelevant, just as the founders envisioned.  Let's make them think they lost the election.  

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Mudge said...

One thing is certain, the other side is either ignorant or dismissive of the Constitution. Using it against their "progressive" agenda in such ways as you and others have suggested is precisely the approach we should take. I'm concerned about those who seek extra-Constitutional measures to right our nation and wrest control from the destruction being brought about by the progressives.. It is worth reminding them what we stand for and abandoning the Constitution or the rule of law are inconsistent with that. I like your approach.

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