Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Random Thoughts

I'm supposed to be helping the Kitten prepare for our Christmas Party tomorrow (sorry if you weren't invited, must have been an oversight), but two things are on my mind and worth sharing:

1.  Increasing unmarriedness of American society.  Read this article last night--about the rise of unmarried America.  It begins to become clear to me that the more "single" America becomes, the less responsibility its citizens feel to future generations, and the more they feel that government owes them something in the here and now.  This is not a good trend for our country.

2.  I keep coming back to this abortion/gun control nexus.  In 1973, the Supreme Court pulled off one of the most tortured, contrived, and irresponsible decisions in its history, to wit Rowe v. Wade.  In it, the justices found that a woman had a constitutional right to an abortion though the practice and thought never occurred to the founders.  Instead, they found the "right" within the "penumbra" of the right to privacy.  So be it.  But with guns, the founders were EXPLICIT.  There really is no serious debate, and the Supreme Court has time and again upheld this explicit, individual right.  So why is it that the left--who hold up the fragile, tenuous, ridiculously argued and constitutionally specious "right" to an abortion--cannot seem to get its collective mind around the far more explicit right to bear arms? 


NavyAustin said...

An even better illustration of the wealth gap created by the marriage gap:

The rise of single motherhood is not a good thing. Strength in numbers, division of labor, pooling resources - those are some very good, very practical outcomes of marriage.

"The couple’s life together has unfolded in to-do-list style. They did not inherit wealth or connections or rise on rare talent. They just did standard things in standard order: high school, college, job, marriage and children. “I don’t think I could have done it any more by the books,” Ms. Faulkner said.

The result is a three-bedroom house, two busy boys and an annual Disney cruise.

The secret to their success resides in part in old-fashioned math: strength in numbers. Together, the Faulkners earn nearly three times as much as what Ms. Faulkner earns alone. Their high five-figure income ranks them near the 75th percentile — hardly rich, but better off than nearly three of four families with children.

For Ms. Schairer, the logic works in reverse. Her individual income of $24,500 puts her at the 49th percentile among parents: smack in the middle. But with only one paycheck, her family income falls to the 19th percentile, lagging more than four out of five."

Sally said...

Oops-I forgot to RSVP. And I hate when people do that to me. Though we'd love to be there, we must regret.

My random thought for this week...did anyone notice that the passing of lowlife Robert Byrd received about one hundred times the media attention as the passing of genuine American hero Daniel Inouye?

Anonymous said...

I guess a repeal of DOMA is in order?

"The Hammer" said...

I'm showing up drunk with a hooker.

"The Hammer" said...

I'm showing up drunk with a hooker.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Why not, Anon? Do you read this blog enough to know what my position is?

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