Thursday, December 27, 2012


Liberal host of Meet the Press and gun outlaw, David Gregory, is in hot water with law enforcement officials in our nation's capital for his blatant disregard of DC's common sense gun laws regarding possession of high capacity magazines. These laws, designed to protect our children, make it a crime to possess high capacity magazines whether attached to a gun or not. Flaunting his stature as a 1st Amendment-cloaked political talk show host, Mr. Gregory, in his attempt to show NRA Executive VP, Wayne LaPierre, whose Amendment cloak was stronger, held up an actual illegal (in DC) high capacity ammunition clip as he attempted to show how Mr LaPierre and his 3.4 million radical NRA members were putting children at risk by resisting legislation that would make possession of these magazines a federal crime.

Alleged criminal in the act of committing a gun crime.
Mr. Gregory could not have illustrated the folly of his argument any better:

- Did Mr. Gregory have any intent to do harm with his detached empty magazine (other than to the case of those who seek to protect the Second Amendment)? No.

 - Did Mr. Gregory's magazine, a piece of sheet metal enveloping a spring and folded and planished into a banana-shaped curve, pose any danger (besides a mass emotional meltdown of the membership of Code Pink and other liberal groups) to any human anywhere on the planet? No.

- Should Mr. Gregory, who has no past criminal record, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Absolutely.

And that is the point. If it is the law of the land, then in our society, where rule of law presides, the law must be obeyed, no matter how ludicrous or ineffective or misguided the law may be. Until such legislation is rescinded, either by elected legislators (the ideal choice) or by judicial review (the more common modern day choice), then the law should be enforced. And THAT is why I, and lots of other American citizens, who have never knowingly violated a single gun law in the US, resist even more such laws. More laws are not the answer to this issue (or for that matter, MOST issues in a free society). Stronger enforcement of the laws we already have is. Every felon arrested in possession of a firearm should go directly to prison, do not pass go, do not get bail, etc, instead of walking the streets while out on bail and being paid to go to the polls in November. The mentally ill pose a much more difficult challenge to be sure, but it is most certainly in need of serious societal review and debate first and foremost before adding still more legislation that would put Mr. Gregory and his gun outlaw ilk at even greater risk of going to prison with no criminal intent.

And I'll bet ever-so-wise Mr. Gregory and his producers still don't see the irony in their predicament.


"The Hammer" said...

We used to regulate psychos, no more. This last asshole spent 18 years in prison for beating his 90 year old grandma to death with a claw hammer. But they want to let guys like him run loose and take away my 20 round mag? WTF is wrong with this picture?
The NRA proposed an instant check system years ago, to be paid for by gun purchasers and regulated by government. So far no action.

Anonymous said...

I think Hannity should hold up a Time "Magazine" and ask that they be banned.

Classic 1st Amendment vs. 2nd Amendment arguement.

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