Thursday, December 6, 2012

Obama's Strategy?

Yesterday Mitch McConnell tried to get a vote on the President's tax plan, the one Tim Geithner presented a few days ago. No dice said Harry Reid. In fact, the Democrats have shown no urgency in addressing the issue (crisis) apart from beating up on the Republicans. Poor Boehner is clueless, he still thinks the Democrats are interested in cutting a deal. This guy ain't the brightest bulb on the tree.

So, after hour of intense thought, pints upon pints of IPA and several major-league, premium stogies, I have concluded the Democrats actually want to "go over the cliff". There's just too much good stuff there in terms of tax hikes etc. to pass up. Now, in the spring, when the economy is in the tank and those who have a job see their paycheck shrink significantly, the Democrats will push "tax relief" for the middle-class (along with massive spending increases for "stimulus") to mitigate the Republican caused, politically motivated recession all designed to "sabotage" Obama's second term. It's a win win for team Obama!!


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Tom de Plume said...

Dude, no question about it. Just look at what he is doing with Obamacare. He intends on using the USMC basic training plan on America, tear us down and then rebuild us in his national socialist mold.

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