Sunday, September 14, 2014

Do Us All A Favor ESPN, Piss off!

Ok ok, I get it. If the wife gets drunk and starts ragging your ass down to the ground in a public place, then backhands you, do not, I repeat DO NOT go Joe Frazier on her ass and give her the old left hook (at least not on camera). It could end your career.

I say that only partially in jest. Yes indeed what Ray Rice did was wrong, but the sista was acting the fool too. If a woman is drunk enough or stupid enough to backhand a guy who plays professional football and has had a drink or two himself, then hey, it's assumed risk in my view. Plus these two look like they've been down this road before, after all she was only Rice's fiancee at the time and has since married him.

So the guy lost his gig, I hope the feminists are happy. There was nary a peep out of them when OJ was busily defending himself from, what was it again, nearly beheading his ex-wife and stabbing some poor guy to death. Tammy Bruce who was big in NOW-LA documented it pretty well. NOW was told to sit OJ out quietly, and they did. Come to find out NOW is not really a "women's" group per se, it's just a progressive outfit who's assigned mission is "women's issues". There's a lot of that stuff in leftist circles. Most environment groups don't give two craps about the environment, if they did they'd be bitching up a storm about China, India and Brazil. No, what they care about is the power to control American energy and development...and NOW cares about terrorizing American males and putting females in positions of authority (as long as they're PROGRESSIVE females that is).

In addition to all the preaching we've had to put up with all weekend from the likes of those punks over at ESPN (and others), we now have a "lesbian athlete" telling us "America needs to reprogram the way we raise men". This sound advice comes from a lesbian who made a big deal a couple of years ago about how she "came out" to her teammates on the Colorado women's b-ball team. Really? I'm sure they were shocked! I would certainly like to hear her views but there are just a couple of troubling statements I need cleared up. First, she says "I'm not going down the road of pitting women against women" suggests to me she's coming at this from a female only perspective. Is not domestic violence a societal problem not restricted to this or that sex? Women beat the shit out of men too, women murder men too, and it's equally wrong. Second, terms like "throwing like a girl" are not demeaning women, unless you happen to be a lesbian basketball player (pardon the redundancy). There are clear differences between the sexes, and women that act like men and men that act like women will always be, well different. If society tries to "reprogram" males then look out for the law of unintended consequences. I don't know what the hell you'll get, but it won't be the "pajama boy" you seek.

ESPN needs to STFU! Their job is to broadcast and commentate on sport, not be a shill for progressives who's only goal is to tear down America and American institutions.

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