Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hammeratic Review of College Gridiron Action: Week 3

It was a good day for Wahoos across the globe as the Cavs beats a ranked Louisville team at home, and being a spiteful, vindictive bunch they were equally thrilled when the Hokies stumbled in Blacksburg against East Carolina. Coming off their HUGE win at Ohio State last week a letdown can sometimes happen so I chalk this up to coaching. And trust me, ECU's win was no fluke. Va. Tech just seemed to be treading water the whole game. Tech did manage a rally late but it was a halfhearted effort. Well done ECU, my home-boys did good!

The Lamecocks got back on track beating Georgia in Williams-Brice, Texas A&M looks for real and Notre Dame is 3-0 whipping up on their perennial whipping boy Purdue University in South Bend. The Pac 12 went 7-1 against outside competition with the only surprise, and actually the upset of the week, Southern Cal losing to BC on the road. But I can see why that happened, Boston is a depressing shit-hole of a city full of wall-to-wall assholes. You have Guineas and half-wit Irishmen living on top of each other in squalor unfit for human habitation. I'd rather live in Detroit. So for those Southern California guys the whole depressing atmosphere must have been overwhelming and consequently lost focus thinking of nothing but getting the hell out of this dirty, filthy town full of dirty, filthy people. Whomever scheduled this game has some splanning to do.  

What's going on with the Big 10 I wonder? To begin with there are 14 teams now, NOT 10, FOURTEEN! So maybe ex-Carolina guard and Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney (he goes by "James" these days, isn't that special?) should get their math department involved. Anyway the conference is in trouble, and people are starting to notice. These guys just ain't that good anymore. Last week a good but not great Va. Tech breezes into the Horseshoe and whips shit outta Ohio State, Wisconsin folds to LSU down in Tigerland and Oregon kicks hell out of conference standard bearer Michigan State. This week Bowling Green beat Indiana, Iowa State beat Iowa, Washington over Illinois and on and on. Do I even need to mention Michigan and their fall from the heights of football royalty? I heard on the radio the other day it's been 19 years since the Big 10 had a first round quarterback pick, and I struggled to remember who it was. Jeff George, Art Schlichter, nope it was Kerry Collins from Penn State, and the Nittany Lions had only been in the league about 15 minutes!
Look I'm well aware the Big 10 has never been a passing league, and Lord knows they have feed the NFL linebackers and linemen and running backs like no other, but the game has changed, Woody Hayes is dead and they better get with the times if they want to turn things around. But who wants to go play in the ice and snow of Madison, Wisconsin or Ann Arbor, Michigan when they can play in Tallahassee? There you go!

Well that's it, congrats to CW again. Let's all be nice to him, UVA ain't that good so he's in for an emotional letdown. They got ranked BYU in Mormon country next week, so we'll see what they got.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Ranked BYU you say? After ranked UCLA and Ranked Louisville? Don't scare me none.

"The Hammer" said...

Yeah but this one is on the road.

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