Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ruminations from a Superficial Mind: Midterm Bitchfest Edition

How is this woman even in the NC Senate race? How bad a candidate do you have to be, to be losing to this woman at this stage in the campaign? She came in on the Obama wave. She has supported every last thing Barack Obama and the Democrat majority in the Senate told her to support, including Obamacare (she parroted Obama's "if you like your plan..." of which there is ample video evidence). She gets nearly every last penny for her campaign from out of state sources (she missed an important ISIL briefing the other day, fundraising in Manhattan don't you know). She's from Florida (niece of Lawton Chiles), she's not attractive (I'm being kind), she has a BaBa WaWa lisp and the State went for Mitt Romney last election. So how? Thom Tillis that's how. We've gone from "I'm not a witch" to "I'm the invisible man". Well done RNC (and the NRSC), once again you've snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
This is the kind of emails guys like me are getting. I guess this is what Country Club Republicans thinks is good fundraising.
Senator Hatch sent me the list of people that have not confirmed their NRSC charter membership for the 2014 election and you were on it. I told him that this doesn’t seem correct, but that I would reach out to you. 
"Charter membership", to what, the all time chumps club? No thanks. It's because of you guys the Democrats have a what amounts to a lock on the Presidency for the next 100 years. I am not motivated by being in some God-damn bullshit "charter membership" and I resent that you would think I'm that stupid. Tell me how you're going to eviscerate Harry Reid and then I might shoot you a couple of bucks. But nooooo, that might alienate the moderates. Friggin' losers!

I was reading a Charlotte blog by a very bright conservative lady D.C. McAllister and she breaks down why women are putting Hagan over the top. It's boils down to the same old issue; freedom vs. equality. Many women equate abortion with equality, and any...ANY contrarian position is deemed out of hand and anti-woman. I have been saying for 35 years conservatives need to put the abortion issue to bed, once and for all. From the Republican perspective it's all bad. Look I know we've got some social conservatives out there who are absolutely opposed to abortion under any and all circumstances, but so what? They haven't been to the polls in any kind of numbers since GWB so what difference does it make? I say do what should have been done years ago, propose a grand compromise: Unlimited abortion in the first trimester plus a week (the plus a week looks good). After that you had damned well better have a legitimate medical reason and I'm mean LEGIT! Now there would be a few exceptions that being crack ho's, prostitutes, Mexicans (just kidding...sorta), but otherwise strictly enforced. This would put the Dems on the defensive real quick and, if handled right take the issue away. Plus it's good law. But until SOMETHING is done, this is a stick the Democrats will continue to use until it doesn't work anymore...and that ain't happened yet.

That's all I got. But I was thinking, I should sign up for Hagan's mailing list.

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