Sunday, September 7, 2014

UVA 45 Richmond 13

At the tailgate before the game, there was some trepidation among the esteemed Sigma Chis, their wives, children, and guests.  Richmond was an FCS Ranked team, we have a bit of a QB controversy, and we don't really yet know what this team is about.  Feeling for some reason very confident, I predicted a 30 point victory.  Off by a bit.

Both QB's played well, though Matt Johns seemed to make the offense click better, and he clearly is more comfortable moving around in the backfield.  Richmond moved the ball on us big time, but it was almost all in the air--very little running game.

Our offensive coordinator needs to realize that no one fears our running game and since we cannot apparently pass on first or second down, we don't move the ball efficiently.  A lot of teams use the run to set up the pass, we need to use the pass to set up the run...soften the LB's up a bit.

I've never sat in that stadium and been hotter--sweated like a stuffed pig.  But my, was I stylin'.....

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