Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Hammer's College Football Wrap-Up: Week 4

The man to the left with the Excedrin headache is Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney (unusual name even for a redneck). He's just watched his team blow a lead, blow opportunities and blow a game his team should have won. Life can be cruel but his problem was not football, his problem was not preparing his team to be winners. Being a winner is a big responsibility. Being on top carries with it an obligation to excellence. It's easy to be a loser, nobody expects anything from a loser, but from winners everything (and more) is expected. His team, his staff and the whole Clemson organization chose the easy way out...they CHOSE it, and he's probably wondering why they lost.

Well, now that I've set Coach Swinney straight, lets see what happened yesterday. Hmmm, what's this I wonder. UVA flew out to Provo and lost to the Fighting Polygamists from Brigham Young? Tough break all around. I watched a bit of the game, and caught the turning point when Virginia had a short yardage situation and BYU stripped the ball for a fumble. Woulda been called forward progress anywhere else, but them's the breaks. A back east team goes on the road out west, better expect a little home cooking (nice call mayor). So suck it up CW, your guys are still better than last year.

Did you catch any of the Carolina ECU game in Greenville? Great Googly Moogly, ECU hung 70 points on the hapless, hopeless, Heels. 789 yards in total offense! This broke ECU previous best from 1975 by nearly 100 yards (ECU vs. UVA). But let me tell you what, the Pirates are one good football team! Offensively they can hang with anybody I'd say. But ain't it a shame though, the poor Tar Heels just can't get a break. I guess when Coach Fedora is playing with his own recruits rather than the mercenaries Butch Davis brought in, well it seems he ain't that great a coach after all.

Around the country there were a few upsets but nothing to write home about. Mizzou lost to Indiana, Va. Tech lost again, Duke keeps rolling along and my beloved WolfPack embarrassingly beat Presbyterian 42-0 (embarrassing for us, why are we playing this team?). LSU looked like total shit against the Missississississippi State Bulldogs at home and the Big 10 continues its downward spiral with Utah beating the once great Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor (Bo Schembechler is spinning in his grave) 26-10. Out west Oregon, Oregon State and Arizona all remain undefeated.

Well that's about it. C-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

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