Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Results and 2015 Predictions

Here are my 2014 Predictions and the result.

1.  Republicans will pick up at least 23 seats in 2014---They gained 14
2.  Republicans will win back the Senate---Yes they Did!
3.  Nancy Pelosi will resign from her leadership position in the House Dem Caucus--No
4.  The strictures of Obamacare as applied to Employer provided plans will achieve full fetch this year, as tens of millions of people find out that their current plan is "non-compliant" and that the new menu from which they can choose includes only more expensive options.  This dooms Democrats in 2014--I"m gonna take a partial on this one.
5.  The stock market will be above 17,500 on 31 December 2014.--I think this will be correct.
6.  I will weigh less on 31 December 2014 than I do today (29 December 2013--178). Not by a long, long shot
7.  The Kansas City Chiefs will win  Super Bowl 48. Nope
8.  UVA Football will win seven games or more in 2014  Nope
9.  UVA Basketball will make the NCAA Tournament  Yep
10.  UVA Basketball will lose in the second round.  Nope--third round.

And here are my predictions for 2015

1.  Mitt Romney will be an active candidate for President on 31 December 2015
2.  The Supreme Court will deal at least one generally considered large setback to Obamacare.
3.  The market will not break 19,000 in 2015
4.  I will weigh not more than 182 lbs on December 31, 2015 (195.2 today)
5.  UVA's President will resign in 2015
6.  UVA Basketball will make it to the 2015 Final Four
7.  The national average for unleaded regular gasoline will be above $3.00 ($2.29 today)
8.  Unemployment will be above 6.0% on 31 December 2015 (5.8 today)
9.  There will be a coup in Venezuela.
10.  The Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl, and Peyton Manning will retire immediately thereafter.
May the odds ever be in my favor.  

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