Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's Like Watching Cars

Do you ever get the feeling you're watching Cars, or Flushed Away or Up in a theatre full of kids? Good Grief, just what the hell are you talking about Hammer! Well to start with I've seen those movies and I like them, not exactly Citizen Kane or Ernest Saves Christmas but mildly entertaining in a grammar school kind of way. No what I'm talking about is the media, the culture...the whole of American society. As a people we are so friggin' ignorant these days. We (again as a people) have little knowledge of our history (what we do know is usually wrong) we have no critical thinking skills to speak of and sadly most of us are loving every minute of it, could not care less. The fact that a man like Barack Obama can be elected President not once but TWICE tells you all you need to know.

Ignorance is the most dangerous thing in the world. Ignorance breeds stupidity, sloth, jealousy, envy and ultimately violence and destruction. Given enough time ignorance will turn us into slaves to be manipulated at the whim of any oppressor. We will become the mob, and if history proves anything it's that whatever comes after the mob is death. As evidence I offer the French Revolution (otherwise known as the Terror) or the Bolshevik Revolution, which showed the French how it's done (although the guillotine was a nice touch). I believe that is what's happening to us now.

Lord knows I'm no genius., but as I've said before I've got a pretty good "bullshit-o-meter"(usually). When I see things like Barack Obama touting the wonderful jobs numbers released yesterday 321,000 JOBS ADDED IN NOVEMBER,  and the media falling all over themselves with near rapture at the news, and seemingly the American public buying every Goddamned lying word of it, well as I said, it's like I'm watching a Pixar marathon matinee at the Parasitiformes Center for the Performing Arts Cinema Multiplex Complex. I'm being swept along by an emotionally driven narrative beyond my control in which reason and facts have no discernible impact whatsoever. Try telling a six year old Mater ain't for real.

"Hey Dad, wonder what Lighting McQueen is doing right now?" 

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