Monday, December 29, 2014

Resolutions: 2014 Assessment, 2015 Debut

Here are the 2014 resolutions with assessment:

1.  Be there for my family more---especially for The Kitten.  Yes, but still not at the level it should be.
2.  Stop expecting things to happen around the house--do them, take ownership.  Yes.  Again, still needs more.
3.  Find some kind of volunteering opportunity that interests and energizes me.  Not really

4.  Be nicer and smile more-- No.  Probably went the other way.
5.  Continue to exercise regularly--very disappointing. No.  First six months were great; horrible since.
6.  Continue to count calories and manage what I eat--again, no.  Horrible last six months.
7.  Take at least one vacation of not less than two full weeks.  YES!
8.  Institute a "Shabat-like" avoidance of electronic media on Saturdays. First six months, yes, then no
9.  Read more (probably on Saturdays)--First six months yes, then no.
10.  Improve the state of the ManCave.  Absolutely not.

Ok, some resolutions for 2015:

1.  I endeavor to be less sarcastic/caustic/ironic.
2.  I will re-institute E-Shabat.  6PM Friday to 6PM Saturday
3.  I will take more of an interest in the yard/gardens
4.  I will finally get the gas fireplace installed in the bedroom
5.  I will eat more modestly.
6.  I will exercise more frequently
7.  After my hip replacement, I will work to be more physically flexible.
8.  I will take at least one vacation of not less than two full weeks.
9.  I will read more.
10.  I will play more golf.

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