Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Hammer's College Football Round-Up: The Final Four

Well it's over, at least until January 15. The final four teams were just announced and it went just like everyone expected, like it had to be. Baylor and TCU are both excellent teams and arguably better than one or two of the teams actually selected, but that's not ALL that this thing is about.

But let's come back to that. Ohio State got in after a very impressive showing against a lackluster, phone-it-in, I don't want to be here Wisconsin Badger squad in the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. How in the world can a nationally ranked team go into a championship game and get humiliated 59 zip? I'm not surprised they lost but Wisconsin was not ready to play, which I find incomprehensible.
Q: Coach going into this game you were 10-2 and 7-1 in the Big Ten. You started the year by blowing an 11 point fourth quarter lead down in Baton Rouge, eventually losing to LSU 24-13. You came out today and your team showed no intensity or focus. You've obviously found the "off" switch, are you still looking for the "on".

The FSU vs Ga. Tech game in Charlotte (The Queen City) was actually better than I thought it would be. None of this dicking around this time for the Semiholes, they came out smoking...and so did Tech. The Jackets played as good as they know how, that triple option was clicking and a quarter in it was clear this would be a scoring contest....first mistake loses. Well Ga. Tech blinked first in the second and although the game was still very much in question, everybody had the feeling the die was cast.

Alabama did what they were expected to do against a quality Missouri team and Oregon got a little payback against Arizona. Big friggin' whoop!

So who got in and why. 'Bama, Oregon and FSU were in as long as they won, and they did. I've heard a bunch of talk how FSU was a "bubble" team. Bubble my ass. There guy's ain't lost a game since Florida in 2012, they're the defending National Champions, and a bunch of suits are gonna keep them out of the playoffs? Kiss my ass! Whoever thought up that line of bullshit needs to go into politics.

The question and controversy is who gets the four spot, Ohio State, Baylor or TCU? Here's my take.
If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd probably be thinking old Jim Delaney had a word with the Wisconsin AD (Delaney is a Carolina guy after all). You KNOW the Big Ten would forever and for all time be mortified if they did not have a team in the first playoff. It would strike such a bitterness in their hearts it would be like the Treaty of Versailles for a German. So who knows what actually happened, but Wisconsin losing in the manner they did, which is EXACTLY what OSU had to have, well it just stinks, stinks like a week old rat on your front porch in June. That's all I have to say.
TCU? No way. They lost to Baylor head to head and yesterday they beat a woeful Iowa State. Conversely Baylor beat Kansas State, a team that beat Oklahoma on the road, Texas, Ok St and WVU at Morgantown. Man I love TCU's offense, but you gotta go with Baylor in a matchup.

So, in my view Baylor got screwed, blued and tattood. But hey brotherman, SOMEBODY is gonna get fuqed so everything is everything. Anybody with half a brain knew everybody wanted Ohio State. The Buckeyes can generate interest, pull those TV numbers. Baylor and the minds of sports fans they are regional teams little better than the Richmond Spiders or Southern Miss. Look I'm just saying, I think Baylor should be there but I don't have a huge problem with Ohio State. But to the casual fan Ohio State means something, the Horny Frogs or the Baylor whatchamacallems don't.

Well that's it, I might post a little something after the playoff unless there's some drama in the mean time. It's been real and it's been nice, it just ain't been real nice. Now get outta my face bitch!
Oh shit, almost forgot. My pick to win it all?

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